The Innovation Centre INOVIA starts its activities

Žilina, 4 February 2022 – At the end of last year, the Žilina self-governing region, the Town of Žilina and the University of Žilina established an interest association of legal entities INOVIA. The newly established Innovation Centre wants to create conditions for increasing the region’s innovation performance, connect and intensify cooperation between companies, research and educational institutions.

New trends from abroad

The establishment of the Innovation Centre INOVIA is a response to the growing trend of digitization and automation, increasing demands on education, skills and creativity, greater emphasis on supporting innovation, but also to the constant leaving of students and skilled workers from the region of Žilina. Abroad, innovation centres are the driving force behind the innovation ecosystem and have a positive impact on the region’s development. Good examples in the immediate vicinity are the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre in Ostrava (Moravskoslezské inovační centrum) and the South Moravian Innovation Centre in Brno (Jihomoravské inovační centrum).

Innovation in the Žilina region

“We want to transform positive experiences from the near abroad into a similarly successful story in our country. The goal of the Innovation Centre INOVIA is to activate the potential of people, companies and universities in the region for our joint long-term success and to make Žilina visible on the innovation map of Europe,” explains Vlastimil Kocián, Director of the Innovation Centre. He adds: “We are happy to help entrepreneurs meet their business dreams and challenges. INOVIA helps to turn thoughts and ideas into real projects with real results. We also do not overlook the public sector, where we provide cities and municipalities with project consulting focused on the SMART agenda and the digitization of processes and services.” 

Contact the Innovation Centre

The easiest way to contact the Innovation Centre is by filling in the contact form on the website or by sending an e-mail request to You will then arrange a personal meeting or video call and the collaboration can begin.

What preceded the formation of the Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre INOVIA was established in November 2021. It started its activities in January 2022 by opening its office in the city centre of Žilina in the Crystal Palace building, in the street Na bráne 4. The Innovation Centre itself was preceded by several months of preparations, which included communication with key players in the region. inspiration from practical and foreign examples. A survey of expectations in the business sector was also conducted and, based on the data obtained, the main areas of activity of the future Innovation Centre were created.


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